WebChess Privacy Policy

Our basic policy is that we don't care who you are, but we keep track of what you do with our machines, and you will be responsible for anything you ask us to publish on your behalf.


This web site makes a reasonable effort to refrain from disclosing information submitted via forms. We cannot guarantee that accidents won't happen. If you are concerned about privacy and are unwilling to take the risk, simply do not provide your information. Private information is never a requirement for services provided here.


The mere act of viewing pages on this site will not cause private information about you to be recorded. We do, however, record your IP address, the date and time your browse each page, and the URL of the page. We normally do not make this information available to the public - it is collected to provide statistical information about server usage, and to plan for future capacity. We may occasionally use "cookies" to temporarily identify your session in order to improve the quality of service we provide, but such cookie use will not cause any personal information about you to be disclosed to us.


Send email to dj@delorie.com if you have further questions about this policy.